The 2022 Canoo Lifestyle EV MVP Is Shockingly Affordable

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Please stick with us here. This vehicle has a lot of words in the title. But the Canoo Lifestyle vehicle electric MVP is shockingly affordable. We expected the 2022 Canoo Lifestyle minivan to be a lot more expensive than it actually is. 

How much does the 2022 Canoo Lifestyle cost? 

2022 Canoo Lifestyle EV | Canoo

According to Green Car Reports, you can get started in the 2022 Canoo Lifestyle minivan for about $34,750. Higher trim models raise the price to about $49,950. This is surprisingly affordable for such a unique ‘Lifestyle Vehicle.’ 

The price range spans across the Delivery, Base, and Premium models. Another range-topping option known as the Adventure model will be released at a later date. Also, the Lifestyle Vehicle will be followed by an electric pickup truck and a delivery van known as the Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV). 

What to expect with the 2022 Lifestyle MVP 

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The 2022 Canoo Lifestyle van is built on a skateboard-style platform that houses the batteries and motors. It’s a van that provides the interior space of a large SUV with the exterior footprint of a compact car. 

We’re still waiting to learn more about this van. But we do know that it comes equipped with 19-inch wheels and can seat five to seven people. It looks like it will be the ultimate camping and road-tripping van of the future. 

With a shape like the old Volkswagen bus, it looks pretty round. However, it has LED lights and a black gloss that brings it into the modern age. Also, a ton of options are expected to be included, such as removable roof panels. 

The Canoo Lifestyle has an 80-kWh battery pack and a range of 250 miles. It’s expected to generate an 80 percent charge in about 28 minutes. The type of charger needed to achieve that speed hasn’t been specified. 

The lifestyle van only comes in black, but there are an endless amount of canvas wraps you can equip. You can reserve your lifestyle van for about $100, and it’s expected to arrive in 2022. It may launch in Las Angeles and gradually spread to other locations. 

What about the Canoo truck? 

The 2023 Canoo pickup in the forrest
2023 Canoo Pickup | Canoo

If the 2022 Canoo Lifestyle electric van isn’t your cup of tea, then check out the 2023 Canoo Pickup Truck. You can also preorder it now for $100. This electric truck is ready for work and fun. 

It has a mid-size body but the payload capacity of a full-size truck. When properly equipped, it can carry up to 1,800 lbs. The bed can be extended from six to eight feet to meet your cargo needs. 

The Canoo Pickup Truck targets over 500 hp and should have a range of over 200 miles. It’s available as a rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive truck. It has enhanced maneuverability for any terrain. 

You can equip the modular roof rack with LED lights to enhance storage options, plus you can add a camper shell to the back. This instantly turns your truck into a camper for adventures. The fold-down craftsman bar is in the front for more cargo, and it allows you to plugin tools. 

Both the Canoo Lifestyle Van and Pickup Truck are equipped with the power and options necessary for epic camping adventures and to get work done. We can’t wait to learn more about the lineup.

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