The 2022 Ford Equator Is the Explorer We Need

by Gabrielle DeSantis

We aren’t dissing the Ford Explorer. It’s an incredible SUV option. But have you seen the 2022 Ford Equator? It takes things to a luxury level that we wish we could have in the United States. Maybe the Explorer should use it for a little more luxurious inspiration. 

We want the 2022 Ford Equator in the United States 

2022 Ford Equator | Ford

Just look at the 2022 Ford Equator with that beautiful shade of Rose paint. According to Motor1, the Ford Equator also has matching interior accents. The Equator is a three-row SUV like the Ford Explorer. Only it’s a little smaller and a lot more luxurious. 

You can fit up to seven people in the Equator. It is about 193.1 inches long, 76 inches wide, and 69.1 inches tall. The wheelbase is about 112.8 inches long. The Explorer is 199 inches long, 79 inches wide, and 70 inches tall. It has a wheelbase that’s 119.1 inches long. So, the Explorer has a slight edge over the Equator for being a little larger. 

How much power does the Ford Equator have? 

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Unfortunately, China has steep taxes on large-displacement engines. The 2022 Ford Equator only has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 221 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. It’s paired with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. 

The 2021 Ford Explorer has three engine options: 

  • The 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine pumps out 300 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. 
  • The 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine provides 365 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. With the ST trim, twin turbos enhance its performance to 400 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque. 
  • The 3.3-liter hybrid V6 engine generates 318 hp and 322 lb-ft of torque combined with the help of an electric motor and battery pack. 

The Equator can be equipped with all-wheel drive, and the Ford Explorer is available with four-wheel drive. When properly equipped, the Explorer can tow up to 5,600 lbs. The exact figures for the Equator are currently challenging to find. 

What is the 2022 Equator’s interior like? 

2022 Ford Equator interior with pops of rose color
2022 Ford Equator interior | Ford

The inside of the 2022 Ford Equator oozes with luxury. The spacious cabin provides leather and soft-touch materials everywhere you look. You’ll see that the front seats have a quilted design. You can order the Equator with six seats and there individual armrests for the second-row seats. 

There is a floating front center console, dual-pane sunroof, and tons of wood trim. Plus, you’ll notice a pair of Mercedes-like screens measuring 12.3 inches. The digital cluster display looks great sitting beside the infotainment screen. 

The Ford Explorer King Ranch could be the closest trim level in comparison. It provides Mesa Del Rio leather seats with hand-stitched King Ranch logos. Plus, the King Ranch is filled with rich Mahogany. Ron Burgundy can only dream about this ride. 

With the Ford Premium technology package, you get the 10.1-inch vertically oriented touchscreen, massaging front seats, and Bang & Olufsen sound system. But the Texas theme might not be for everyone. 

Perhaps the Equator will do well, and our Explorer will take notes on how to provide a more luxurious experience. We would like to see a blend of the two SUVs for the United States. Although, we’re pretty excited about the Ford Explorer Timberline too.

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