The $80,000 Standard 2021 Porsche Taycan Isn’t Enough to Give You AWD

by Gabrielle DeSantis

For nearly $80,000, you might expect the all-electric Porsche Taycan to have everything. To be fair, the base trim is decked out with a ton of standard features and has decent battery life. However, some drivers might be disappointed to find that the Porsche Taycan doesn’t have standard all-wheel drive.

U.S. News reports that you can have a Taycan AWD, but expect it to cost a minimum of around $103,800. Is all that extra dough really worth sinking into this Porsche?

Which Porsche Taycan trims have AWD?

The base Porsche Taycan doesn’t have AWD due to its single-motor setup, which makes 321 hp. Every Taycan also comes with an overboost function, which pushes the single motor’s power output to 402 hp. A bigger battery pack is also available for this trim, capable of producing up to 469 hp with overboost enabled.

Although it doesn’t have AWD, the Porsche Taycan still has plenty of features to keep everyone warm. Heated seats for the cabin are standard, with optional heating for the second row. It also comes with many advanced driver’s aids to keep its wheels firmly planted on the road.

Every other Taycan has a dual-motor setup with AWD included. The Porsche Taycan S goes for just over $100,000, but the Taycan Turbo costs around $150,000. The most expensive Taycan is the Turbo S, which retails for $185,000.

AWD isn’t just for winter

Some drivers might skip a $20,000 upgrade that seemingly only offers a smoother driving experience during the colder months. However, like many sports cars, the Porsche Taycan also has a lower center of gravity. That means that an AWD sports car will probably have better handling in all weather conditions, not just a smooth track.

The Porsche Taycan is already considered way above average in that department. Without the regenerative braking present in most EVs, the Taycan definitely feels more thrilling to drive. Despite this, the steering is sharp and its body motions never feel out of control

Other benefits of an upgraded Porsche Taycan

The higher Porsche Taycan trims also boast more horsepower and better electric range. With launch control and overboost, the Taycan 4S can produce up to 522 hp. It also has the best range of the lineup, reportedly up to 272 miles with the Performance Battery plus. The Taycan 4S also has a cushier ride thanks to its standard adaptive air suspension.

The Taycan Turbo can make up to 670 hp and reach 60 mph in a clean three seconds. AMCI says that it has a maximum range of 275 miles, but the EPA only gives it 212 miles. Still, the Turbo benefits from bigger wheels and better headlights to see through any hazardous weather.

The top-of-the-line Porsche Taycan Turbo S is capable of 750 hp, with an astounding 0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds. Unfortunately, all that power cuts its range to just 201 miles, according to EPA estimates. The Turbo S also has an exclusive wheel design and the most powerful brakes in the lineup.

The sportier trims also have some flashier interior features, like a sport steering wheel and real leather or suede upholstery. No matter what trim you have, you can expect the interior to look polished and upscale. Both rows are also spacious enough for most adults to stretch out comfortably.

Every Porsche Taycan comes loaded with plenty of useful infotainment features, including options for even fancier tech. However, many critics say that the infotainment interface is difficult for newbies to use. For a loaded sports car with both racing chops and AWD capability, we’d still say it’s worth the cash.

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