The Best Lawn Mower Features to Look For In Your Next Mower

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Lawn care doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, with the right type of lawn mower, mowing the lawn becomes a much more manageable task. Having the right lawn mower on hand doesn’t just save time and effort either. It could also save you from having to hire a professional landscaper to get the job done for you. That’s why, when it comes to shopping for a new lawn mower, these are the best lawn mower features to look out for.  

The different types of lawn mowers

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First things first, let’s talk about the different types of lawn mowers. After all, buying a new lawn mower isn’t as simple as heading to the local hardware store and buying any old lawn mower. Among the most common types of lawn mowers are electric lawn mowers, gas lawn mowers, lawn tractors, zero-turn lawn mowers, and rear-engine riders. Now, let’s talk about what these common types of lawn mowers actually do:

Electric lawn mower: Electric lawn mowers are push lawn mowers powered by a rechargeable battery pack. However, some electric lawn mowers must be plugged in. According to Consumer Reports, these types of lawn mowers are easy to store and maintain and are best for small yards.

Gas lawn mower: Gas lawn mowers are powered by, well, gas. They come in both push and self-propelled models and can cut much larger yards. When it comes to upkeep, gas lawn mowers do require regular maintenance, including oil changes, and blade sharpening.

Lawn tractor: Lawn tractors are best for yards bigger than half an acre. According to Consumer Reports, this type of lawn mower can cut two to three times faster than a push mower. The downside is that lawn tractors are typically more expensive.

Zero-turn lawn mower: Zero-turn mowers are best for yards bigger than half of an acre. They do best on level terrain too. These types of lawn mowers often cost more than lawn tractors but are easier to maneuver around large trees and garden beds.

Rear-engine rider: For yards up to an acre, consider a rear-engine rider. These types of lawn mowers are typically cheaper than lawn tractors. The bad news is that they don’t always cut as well.

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Lawn mower features to consider before buying

The type of lawn mower you buy isn’t the only thing worth considering. In fact, a lawn mower’s features are equally as important. Family Handyman reports that there are several lawn mower features worth your consideration.

Perhaps the most important lawn mower feature to consider is performance. While different types of lawn mowers are best for different types of lawns, different engine sizes will have a better time handling yard maintenance tasks like mowing tall grass, wet grass, leaf mulching, and even bagging.

Another lawn mower feature to consider is how comfortable a lawn mower is. When it comes to push mowers, Family Handman says to make sure the mower can be set at the right height for you. And when it comes to riding lawn mowers? Check that the seat is comfortable and easily adjustable.

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Consumer Reports’ favorite lawn mower features 

Consumer Reports is no stranger to lawn mower reviews. In fact, the organization has a few tried and true favorites. When it comes to the best push lawn mower features, Consumer Reports tapped features like uniform wheel sizes, a blade-brake clutch, electric start, and one-lever height adjustment among its favorite lawn mower features.

As for Consumer Reports’ favorite riding lawn mower features? Those tried and true favorites include features like a hydrostatic transmission, an electric power takeoff switch, and a safety switch for reverse. Tight turning was also included in Consumer Reports’ best riding lawn mower features.

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Choosing the best lawn mower doesn’t have to be difficult

Shopping for a new lawn mower doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Begin by choosing the best lawn mower type, then consider what lawn mower features would best suit your lawn care needs. 

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