The Best RV Models Under $20,000

by Gabrielle DeSantis

A brand new RV can easily cost as much as a very nice house. In fact, the sheer cost of some motorhomes, travel trailers, or camper vans makes them exclusive to buyers that can afford the high prices. For families with a little less they want to spend on an RV or travel trailer, here are the best RV models under $20,000. 

We’ve scoured several best lists for RVs, and camper trailers in this price point. There’s definitely a general consensus in the industry. After cross-referencing places like RVing Planet and Camper Trailer Report, these are repeated favorites across the board when it comes to which are the best campers for a small budget. 

Cub Explorer | Cub Campers

The Cub Explorer Trailer is an affordable off-road camper

According to the Camper Trailer Report, a Cub Explorer Camper Trailer is a good entry-level off-road camping wagon. It starts at $18,999, so it’s within the smaller budget bracket. In fact, it’s one of the best RV models for under $20,000. 

It’s a light trailer that is a good weight for most midsize SUVs. It also sleeps four people. The Cub Explorer Camper Trailer is definitely one to check out for buyers hunting RV trailers with a small budget. 

For anyone that wants to delve into the RV lifestyle, but isn’t ready to sell their house and make it permanent this is a great RV trailer. In addition, if it’s in your budget to find something you can already tow with the family SUV. Not every household already has a heavy hauling pickup truck. 

The Jayco Jay Feather is a good entry-level option

Despite its name, the Jayco Jay Feather is heavier than some of the other entry-level camper trailers. That said, it’s also recommended for its durability. The Jayco Jay Feather trailer RV is one of the best RV models under $20,000. 

This is a 36-foot trailer. It’s ideal for accommodating family trips. Overall the Jayco Jay Feather has potential as the right RV for many different households. 

This one is for the larger family that already has a pickup truck or body-on-frame SUV. At the very least, you’ll want something rated for 5,000 pounds or more. The Jayco Jay Feather weighs about 4,750 pounds. 

The Livin Lite Camplite offers lots of available customization

Livin Lite Camplite | RVT

This is an aluminum camper trailer for small budget RV shoppers. The Livin Lite Camplite is light, compact, and works well as an entry-level adventure trailer. 

If you are thinking about buying a Livin Lite Camplite trailer that probably means that you are looking for something under 5,000 pounds and highly customizable. This little trailer offers nine different model options. 

As one of the best RV models under $20,000 the Livin Lite Camplite trailer lives up to its name. Plus, it offers amenities like a six cubic-foot refrigerator. Nine different floor plans and a long list of available features make this an appealing choice for many households. 

Good RVs under $20,000

There are good RVs out there on a small budget. Whether a buyer plans to buy one of these models new or used, they should be able to find one for less than $20 grand. 

If you are shopping for a good RV trailer but you don’t want to spend as much as a house, you might want to check these out. According to sources across the board, these are the best RV models under $20,000.

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