The Best Used Lexus SUVs According to Consumer Reports

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Toyota’s luxury segment, Lexus, has built a reputation for reliability. In addition, the premium interior fit and finish reflect its position as a top luxury brand. For buyers looking to save some cash on a used model, we’ve made a list of the best used Lexus SUVs according to Consumer Reports. 

2019 Lexus UX | Robert Hradil/Getty Images

Lexus offers a wide range of models from the sporty LC 500 to SUVs like the GX 460, known for its ability to tackle off-road obstacles with class. Within the SUV lineup, Lexus provides buyers with varying options. The smallest Lexus SUV is the Lexus UX and the Lexus LX 570 is the largest sibling in the family. Here, we share Consumer Reports data on the best options for a used Lexus SUV model.

Most of the better used models start three years back or older. Buying a three year old SUV means a high likelihood of ending up behind the wheel of a low mileage lease return. These cars are typically gently used and in great condition. 

The Lexus GX 460 is a reliable used luxury SUV for adventurous souls

The 2017 Lexus GX 460 parked in front of a home exemplifies one of the best used lexus SUVs according to consumer reports
The 2017 Lexus GX 460 | Lexus

If an SUV shopper wants an off-road SUV with a premium luxury interior, the Lexus GX 460 is a smart choice. The 2021 Lexus GX has an average price range of $53,450-$64,715. Buyers can save a wad of cash by turning to the used market instead. 

Consumer Reports recommends most Lexus GX model years. The three year old 2018 Lexus GX has an average price range of $43,050-$46,900. This is one of the best used Lexus SUVs according to Consumer Reports with a 5/5 score for predicted reliability. 

The 2017 model year can save buyers even more money with pricing between $39,550-$41,675. Then there’s the 2016 model year with an average price range of $34,400-$36,150. Each of these used Lexus GX models also earned a 5/5 predicted reliability rating. In addition, both the 2017 and 2016 GX 460 model years have high Consumer Satisfaction ratings of 4/5. 

The Lexus RX and the Lexus RXL are two solid premium family SUVs

Since the 2000 Lexus RX model year, this Lexus SUV has earned the Consumer Reports recommendation badge in every model year except for 2000, 2001, and 2007. The Lexus RXL  came into the picture in 2018. The RXL is essentially just a larger RX with the addition of a third row and seating for up to seven instead of the RX’s five. 

For a brand new 2021 Lexus RX, buyers can expect to pay between $45,220-$57,310, and between $47,900-$51,110 for the 2021 RXL. However, buying a used 2018 Lexus RX model costs from $37,475-$43,275. The 2018 model year for both the RX and RXL have predicted reliability ratings and consumer satisfaction scores of 4/5. 

 A view of the rear seating of the 2018 Lexus RXL and its third row
2018 Lexus RXL interior | Edmunds

Prices for used models of the RXL are not reflected in the Consumer Reports data. That said, buyers should expect similar price differences as we see in the other used models here. The 2019 Lexus RXL, the 2018, is recommended by Consumer Reports and boasts 4/5 rating for both predicted reliability and consumer satisfaction. 

The 2017 Lexus RX (the smaller, five passenger option) shows average pricing between $33,700-$38,900. To save even more, the 2016 RX model year costs between $30,100-$35,275. Each of these models have 5/5 predicted reliability ratings and 4/5 consumer satisfaction scores from Consumer Reports. 

The Lexus NX is a smart used luxury crossover model

a white 2016 Lexus NX hybrid on display at an indoor auto show is an example of one of the best used lexus SUVs according to Consumer Reports
2016 Lexus NX300h hybrid SUV | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

As a small compact crossover, Lexus NX slots between the RX and UX models. A 2021 Lexus NX costs between $37,610-$46,910 according to Consumer Reports. That said, the 2018 and 2016 model years for the Lexus NX have average pricing between $30,150-$34,850 and $25,650-$28,600, respectively. Consumer Reports does not recommend the 2017 Lexus NX.

Consumer Reports gave both the 2018 and 2016 NX models a predicted reliability rating of 5/5. The 2015 model can save even more cash, priced between $23,100-$26,050. This NX has a predicted reliability score of 4/5 and it’s one of the best used Lexus SUVs according to Consumer Reports. 

What is the smallest Lexus SUV? 

The smallest Lexus SUV in the current lineup is the entry-level Lexus UX. This is an almost wagon-like subcompact SUV that shares high reliability ratings with its Lexus brethren. The Lexus UX came out in 2019, so that’s as far back as used SUV shoppers can go. 

Still, this will save a few bucks. The 2021 Lexus UX has a price range of $33,000-$39,900. On the other hand, a used 2019 Lexus UX will cost between $29,875-$33,950, and has a predicted reliability rating of 5/5. The 2019 Lexus UX, like the other models on this list, is one of the best used Lexus SUVs according to Consumer Reports.

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