The Best Way Possible to Get a New Old Indian Motorcycle

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Indian Motorcycle has been supplying iconic motorcycles since 1901. To celebrate its 120th anniversary, it released a limited-edition 2021 Chieftain Elite, originally introduced in 2017, though the original Chieftain was introduced in 2014. But if you prefer the older Indian models, like the 101 Scout, a model many consider the best Indian ever produced, you generally have to search online listings and scour the internet for someone willing to part with a classic and rare motorcycle. Enter Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Company.  

The history of Indian Motorcycle

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The Indian Motorcycle company was originally founded in 1897 to produce bicycles. In 1901, the company produced the first Indian motorcycle with a 1.75 bhp single-cylinder engine. Sales soared, and in 1905 the company built the first V-twin factory racer and became a worthy competitor in racing, breaking several records.

Indian produced its first street version of the V-twin as well as a roadster in 1907. The company continued producing motorcycles, supplying the United States government during World War I and World War II, and supplying motorcycles for police officers. 

Unfortunately, the company struggled after World War II and went through numerous owners and bankruptcy filings before successfully remerging in 2006 as Indian Motorcycle Company, which Polaris then acquired in 2011. Polaris began producing Indian-branded touring and cruising motorcycles, but no classics.

Kiwi Indian Motorcycles

Kiwi Indian was founded in 1988 by Mike Tomas, who developed a love of classic Indian motorcycles at the age of 17. His company offers high-quality parts for people who want to restore older Indian motorcycles. Tomas personally has a 1941 741 model and a 1924 Big Chief basket case, both of which he did the restoration on. The real prompt for his business was the lack of quality parts for Indian motorcycles, so he started building his own. 

Tomas has never looked at Kiwi Indian as a business, just extending his passion for Indian motorcycles. He is also passionate about producing quality parts people can trust, which he proves by riding his own bikes worldwide. Tomas does not even own a motorcycle that is not an Indian, nor does he own one built after 1953. And according to him, his prices are “ruffling feathers,” in a good way.

Build your own Indian Motorcycle Replica

In addition to supplying high-quality parts to people looking to restore older bikes, Kiwi Indian also offers you the chance to have a custom-built Indian Motorcycle Replica. They have five different models to choose from. The 1911 Board Track Racer, the 1917 Kiwi Power Plus, similar to the 1911 Board tracker, but with more functionality, the 1920s 101 Chout, the 1939 Chieftain, and the HD Board Tracker. Kiwi handcrafts each motorcycle and every component of the engine, so they are truly custom motorcycles. You can equip your Indian with everything from a toolbox to an electric starter.

Indian motorcycles have been around for 120 years, and they are highly sought after, with a massive fan base. They continue innovating and offering vintage touches, such as a sidecar for the 2022 Indian Chief from Iwan Bikes. But if you really want a classic, pre-war Indian motorcycle, don’t waste time searching the internet and other ads for bikes for sale. Indian Motorcycle Replicas from Kiwi Indian are high-quality, and most importantly, they won’t break the bank. And how cool would it be to have a custom 1911 Board Track Racer to ride around town on?

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