The Fastest Golf Cart Broke a Guinness World Record Going Over 100 MPH

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Guinness World Records is still documenting the biggest, smallest, longest, and weirdest around the globe. It’s fascinating to see who ate the most ghost peppers in one sitting or the longest fingernails ever measured. The automotive industry isn’t excluded from this list of extremes either. In fact, a groundbreaking motor design helped an average golf cart earn the title of the fastest in the world. 

Guinness World Records is still going strong

Guinness World Records seek out the most incredible feats around the globe. The group’s mission is to give every person a platform for documenting record-holders in various categories. As new generations of talent emerge, they break old records. And technology advances, Guinness continues to record new boundary-breaking achievements in revolutionary skill sets. 

According to Guinness World Records, the process for documenting the extreme continues to be all-inclusive and respectful. That goes for existing record-holders, upcoming challengers, the brand, and every individual behind the brand. Additionally, it promotes enthusiasm for new endeavors and champions fun for competitors in the incredible feats. Finally, it aims to inspire new challengers and entertain the world with its ever-changing roster of unbelievable stunts.

How challengers earn a spot in Guinness World Records

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Anyone can become a challenger against the impressive list of Guinness World Record-holders. For those looking to challenge an existing record, the process consists of three online steps. Search for the skills category you’d like to challenge. Select it. Submit your request, and await further instructions.

And if your skill hasn’t already been documented, you can apply for a new world record category. However, the group warns that it rejects 60 percent of all new skill applications.

The lightning-fast golf cart for the books

It’s not uncommon to clock the fastest race cars on the track. But in the realm of Guinness World Records, even golf carts can be lightning-quick. In fact, the record-holder for the world’s fastest golf cart is Robby Steen of Plum Quick Motors.

His super-speedy golf cart officially clocked 118.76 mph. Steen set out to be the fastest in 2014 at the Darlington Dragway in Hartsville, South Carolina. And it’s actually the second time a golf cart from the geniuses at Plum Quick Motors earned the title of the fastest.

Plum Quick Motors is on a mission to make the speediest golf carts

Plum Quick Motors is a family business, with three generations of speed enthusiasts behind the brand. The company holds several patents on various technologies, including an electric vehicle drive axle. But at their core, the folks at Plum Quick Motors produce high-performance motors for golf carts. And these carts do more than tool around the course. Any golf cart used for hunting, off-roading, cruising, or racing can get an enhanced engine from these guys. Their passion for performance led them to dominate with the fastest golf cart of all time.

If you’re interested in exploring other world records, you can browse the categories and winners online. You’ll see the guys from Plum Quick Motors there with their speedy golf cart. And maybe you’ll find inspiration to become a challenger yourself and try to earn your own spot among the most incredible in the world.

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