The Forbidden Ford Nugget Plus Camper Van Is Inspired by the Ford Raptor

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Ford makes a great many things that we Americans never get to see. In the camper van world, we get hosed particularly hard. While the Ford Nugget Plus camper van may be foreign to us, our European friends know the deal. Not only is it already a cool Ford camper van, Its about to get cooler with a trail edition that borrows bits from the Ford Raptor

Ford Nugget Plus Trail | Ford

Is the Ford Nugget Plus available in the U.S.?

Unfortunately, the Transit-based nugget is a camper van that we Americans must admire from afar. The Westfalia conversion Ford Nugget Plus isn’t just a camper van with a cute name; it’s a great camper van with a really cute name. Now, this European model is about to get even better, thanks to the new Trail model. Like the Ford Transit Trail, the Nugget will be getting its rugged upgrade and new looks thanks to the Ford Raptor. 

What exactly is the Ford Nugget Plus Trail camper van

Close up photo of the front wheel well of the Nugget Trail
Ford Nugget Plus Trail | Ford

The Nugget is based on the Ford Transit Custom. This means that the camper van that just debuted in pre-production form at this week’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon will offer the same limited-slip differential. 

The Trail variation comes exclusively with a pop-up roof and gets an extra sliding door for dual-sided entry and exit, standard heated seats up front, and leather “Trail” front and rear seating. It will also get the new high-resolution touch screen interface that just came out in October of 2021, according to New Atlas

The Ford Nugget name may be a little misleading

Two pople hanging out underneath the camper van awning
Ford Nugget Plus Trail | Ford

The cute camper van is no tiny thing, as the name might imply. The Nugget Plus is a 207-inch camper van with a bathroom sitting just inside the rear tailgate. This bathroom is more accurately just a small toilet room, but it does feature an outdoor shower. 

The interior has a divider that can section things off for privacy. The cabin features a roomy kitchenette and lounge that converts into a sleeping space when the divider is taken down. This convertible space, along with the pop-top tent area, makes the Nugget Plus capable of sleeping four. 

Is Ford making a Raptor camper van? 

The interior of the Ford Nugget Plus
interior | Ford

Ford gives the Raptor front grille styling to the Transit Trail and the Nugget Plus Trail to add a bit of sporty flair. Not only does this camper van have the killer Transit limited-slip diff, but the exterior got a bit of a refresh, too. 

The Nugget Plus Trail will sport a clearly Raptor-style “FORD”-badged grille, 16-in black alloy wheels, and darkened contrast bumpers. The van displayed at the Düsseldorf show had a 182-hp EcoBlue diesel engine. 

New Atlas says that Ford still hasn’t released pricing details for the Trail. However, the previous, non-Trail version of the Ford Nugget Plus camper van with added pop-top starts at €58,134 (approx. US$68,400). We assume that the Trail version will likely cost a few more cabbages than the regular Nugget Plus with the added features and updated looks. 

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