The Honda Civic Is All the Car You Need for $15,000

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The Honda Civic is arguably the most popular cheap car of all time. For good reason, too. Even in this market, it’s easy to get a good deal on one. Supply is plentiful, and despite the Honda Civic’s hot boy tuner reputation, owners generally take care of their cars. This combination of factors makes America’s favorite sedan the perfect candidate for sneaking in under the high used car market values right now.

Even in this market, $15,000 goes a long way

A 2014 Honda Civic | Frederic J. Brown via Getty Images

According to a recent study by iSeeCars, the Civic is the best sedan (or coupe) to take your dollar as far as it can go. The publication sampled millions of models across a wide range of five to seven-year-old vehicles and the Japanese sedan came out on top, closely followed by another Honda: the Fit. Their quality testing also ranked the Civic highly in safety and reliability.

Of course, that should come to the surprise of no one. The little sedan is cheap, fuel-efficient, and stylish. It has been for a long time too. The study found that the Honda Civic came in an average of $15,000 below the $15,000 pricing benchmark. Even better, this price is applicable to newer models. It really is not hard to find a clean, newer model for this kind of money, which is only one of the reasons the vehicle is so appetizing

Why the Honda Civic?

The black-on-black interior of a Honda Civic
The interior of the Civic | Jim Watson via Getty Images

So, we’ve established that practically, the Honda Civic is a good value. But, car purchases are often also made simply because the buyer likes the car. Well, there’s plenty to like about the Civic, as talked about briefly above. For the more practically minded, the Civic is just as nice as it is for the enthusiast, offering plenty for both crowds in the way of features and amenities.

Newer models have only become better looking, and the older designs have aged relatively well compared to the rest of the econo-car crop. this is especially true for the hotter Si models. On top of that, the interior is a great place to be for the money. Newer models also offer a host of creature comforts like radar cruise and newer, Bluetooth-capable stereos.

Is it a good idea to buy right now?

Honda's logo among plants in an office
The logo of the Japanese company | Philip Fong via Getty Images

Now that we’ve established that a Honda Civic of any variety is a good buy, it’s time to discuss whether you should say goodbye to your old ride and hop into one. Right now, used market values are historically high. So, selling that old whip won’t be a problem as long as it’s been taken care of. We also know now that the Civic is a solid score that can be had for below $15,000. There really is not much to lose here. Despite the market, it’s easy to find a clean model, even a Civic Si like this one, to get into without much headache. Plus, we know that the Civic historically holds value very well, making this a great buy at any point in time.

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