The Jeep Wrangler Dominates the Ford Bronco in 1 Crucial Area

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Sound the battle horns! The Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco are still battling each other. The Ford Bronco could be the first true challenger in decades, but the Jeep Wrangler has one crucial feature that allows it to remain on top. 

The Jeep Wrangler has a better interior than the Ford Bronco 

2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 | Jeep

After months of waiting, people are finally getting behind the wheel of the Ford Bronco. Jeep owners have been patiently waiting to see how they compare. Many have found that the Ford Bronco can keep up with the Wrangler in the wild but may have better manners on the road. 

The independent front suspension keeps the Bronco stable on the pavement while the Wrangler may wander and experience a bumpier ride. But both of these options fail to provide the level of comfort that the Jeep Grand Cherokee delivers. 

However, while being a fierce competitor, the Bronco fails to live up to expectations regarding its interior. According to, the Wrangler has a more upscale interior with more premium materials than the Bronco. 

The Bronco has a retro, attractive look, but it includes cheap-feeling plastic. The Wrangler provides a durable military-inspired metal-and-bolts aesthetic that feels expensive. It provides a stronger sense of value. It can make the Bronco feel like it lacks quality in comparison. 

Does the Wrangler or Bronco provide better features? 

Both the Jeep Wrangler and 2021 Ford Bronco have washable and water-resistant materials. They both have drain plugs on the floor too. But the Bronco features a deeper dashboard and a lower sitting position. 

According to Car and Driver, the Bronco has sticky seats. This can be a problem if you wear shorts on a hot day. Also, the climate system takes a while to kick in, leaving drivers and passengers sweaty. But the Wrangler’s tall height can make it difficult to enter and exit. 

The Bronco and Wrangler feel similar in size, but the Bronco offers more cargo space. Depending on if you get the two-door or four-door model, you can access between 22.4 to 38.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats with between 52.27 to 82.97 cubes total. 

With the Wrangler, you get between 12.9 to 31.7 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats with 31.7 to 72.4 cubic feet total. But the soft-top in the Bronco can limit viability in the rear while the large windows in the Wrangler provide optimal views. 

Does the Bronco or Wrangler have better tech? 

A 2021 Ford Bronco 4WD SUV off-roading on a cloudy day
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

The 2021 Jeep Wrangler comes with a 7-inch touchscreen that can be upgraded to an 8.4-unit. It utilizes the fast and responsive Uconnect system and includes USB and USB-C charging ports. 

With the Ford Bronco, you get an 8-inch screen that can be upgraded to a 10-inch unit. It uses the Ford Sync 4 software. Both SUVs include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. Built-in navigation is available. 

The Wrangler offers a front-facing trail camera, and the Bronco provides a 360-degree camera view. Both SUVs include remote start and voice commands, but the Wrangler can connect to smart speakers, such as Alexa. 

With a little more time to review how the Ford Bronco performs, we will determine which boxy off-roader is better. For now, the Bronco and Wrangler both have their pros and cons, but the Wrangler has a nicer interior.

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