The Mercedes EQT Van Looks Family-Friendly…and Cool?

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Mercedes announced the new EQT electric vehicle van this week, and it looks like everything a van could be. The EQT is a concept currently. However, the T-Class is set for release in 2022. Will Mercedes be able to capture a new section of the market with this small van?

What is the new Mercedes EQT?

The Concept EQT | Mercedes-Benz

According to Mercedes, the new EQT is a fully electric van stemming from the brand’s T-Class. The new T-Class appeals to those with families that need extra space and comfort. This is done without compromising on style or luxury. By offering an electric vehicle option, Mercedes is reaching an extra group of potential buyers.

With room for seven and an electric platform, we can expect a lot from the EQT. The van is equipped with an electric longboard and offers more space for passengers and cargo.

“The near-series-production concept vehicle combines ample and versatile space for up to seven occupants and a generous luggage compartment with a Mercedes-typical design and approach to high-class appeal, comfort, functionality, connectivity, and safety.”


Similarly, the EQT will be offered in a commercial van option. In collaboration with Renault, this will be called the Citan. An electric version is rumored to be called the eCitan.

Family-friendly Mercedes luxury

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The Concept EQT is 4,945/1,863/1,826 millimetres for the length/width/height. It has spacious sliding doors on both sides for easy entry and exit, even for those in the third row. The second row has room for three child seats. If you need the extra room, Drivers can remove the third row altogether.

Mercedes-Benz is emphasizing versatility for those looking to commute to school or adventure on weekends. The brand included folding plastic tables for little passengers.

“Sensuous shapes, elegant trims, and sustainable materials show that this van clearly belongs to our Mercedes-EQ family,” Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler Group, said.

LED front headlights lead the way. LED rear lights accentuate the back of the van. You can see hidden 3D stars around the vehicle, and 21-inch alloy wheels set the design off. The van has a bottle shape, which makes for a unique body style.

MBUX integration in the Mercedes EQT

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The T-Class will not launch until 2022 but fits into the small van sector. The first version on the market won’t be electric, but the EQT will follow shortly after. The concept shows an all-white Nappa leather interior. More options are to follow.

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) offers drivers even more features. A central display offers touch buttons, while the steering wheel also offers control. A voice assistant helps place calls with the use of “Hey Mercedes” phrasing.

Artificial intelligence integration means the voice assistant can help learn your preferences. For instance, if you place a call to a certain number around the same time every day, the MBUX system might offer the number on the screen at that time.

The MBUX system also provides live-traffic updates and over-the-air updates, much like Tesla offers. In conclusion, the new T-Class and EQT have a lot to offer drivers.

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