The Most Popular RV Travel Destinations in 2021 Could Be on Your Itinerary

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Summer is almost here. That means it’s time to get your camper ready to go. RV’ing has become more popular during the pandemic. While some people enjoy heading out with no set destination, others want a plan. Researching popular campgrounds, national parks, and other destinations can be time-consuming, putting a damper on the fun. So here are the most popular destinations to help you plan your next RV getaway.

Favorite RV travel destinations this year

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The most popular destination this year is Yellowstone National Park, MSN reports. It saw a 21 percent increase in visitors last September, typically a month when visitors decrease. But with the rise of remote schooling and working, travel seasons are changing and actually vanishing.

Other top National Parks include Grand Canyon and Zion. Not everyone wants to visit a National Parks, though. Campgrounds are also seeing an increase in visitors. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort in Florida and Campland on the Bay in California are among the most popular campgrounds for 2021. 

The newest ‘RV states’ might surprise you

Surprisingly, New York and Illinois have become popular for RV’ing. According to RVshare, both states have seen huge increases in camper rentals. New York has experienced a 186 percent increase, while Illinois has recorded a 174 percent increase.

A big reason for this jump is the pandemic. Though people still want to go on vacation, many are choosing domestic travel, and both states offer excellent beaches, mountains, and fresh air outside the major cities. And established RV’ers aren’t the only ones driving these increases. In fact, close to 80 percent of motorhome renters on RVshare in 2020 were new to the platform. 

And sales aren’t slowing

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Even as more people are getting vaccinated and hopeful the pandemic is waning, RV sales are not. In fact, RV mania continues, with almost 100,000 more shipments projected for 2021 than last year. That’s an increase of around 20 percent in a single year. According to RV Industry Association, the year-end total for 2020 was 430,412 units shipped. For 2021, the year-end prediction is about 533,356 units. That number would also beat the previous record of 504,600 set in 2017. And so far, RV shipments seem on track to hit if not beat that prediction. For Q1 2021, a record 148,507 units shipped. In fact, that number bested the previous record for a single quarter, set in 2018, with an increase of almost 10 percent.

Due to these huge increases in RV travelers, it’s a good idea to plan your trip before you hit the road. The best tips are to avoid weekends and holidays and to remain flexible. Many campgrounds and National Parks have limited capacity, and most require reservations before you show up. Sure, it takes some spontaneity out of it, but you can still have fun. And if you’re worried about cancellations and refunds, most places have amended their policies to account for the pandemic.

Heading out in an RV can be a wonderful way to recharge your batteries. Hanging out under the stars with family and friends, visiting beautiful parks, and getting outside are great ways to spend your summer. So don’t plan a trip to just one of these destinations; plan a trip to all.

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