The New Off-Road Volkswagen Taos Basecamp Concept Flexes Its Jeep Muscles

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Much like the RV boom, we have seen a dramatic uptick in off-road-focused trim packages for pickup trucks and SUVs. The Volkswagen Taos Basecamp concept is yet another road-going SUV that has gotten the overlanding treatment

VW Taos Basecamp Concept | VW

It’s hard to know whether VW intends to actually build something like this or simply soak up the residual press that is shaken off the Ford Bronco or the Jeep Wrangler. Either way, it is surprisingly cool. 

Is the Volkswagen Taos Basecamp concept actually going to get made?

The harsh reality is that the Taos Basecamp is likely never going to see production. According to CarScoops. The Volkswagen Taos Basecamp is mostly just a promotional concept to hype up the regular road-going Taos. However, the hope is that if VW sees enough interest that similar or maybe even the same details might make their way to a future styling package. 

Because concept cars are typically one-off, custom-built creations, they get far more care and consideration than production cars. In part, this is why we rarely ever see a concept go to production with the same level of detail and consideration. 

What makes the Taos Basecamp special? 

frint of the Volkswagen Taos Basecamp Concept
VW Taos Basecamp Concept | VW

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To really set the Volkswagen Taos Basecamp apart from the normal Taos, VW fitted it with loads of cool upgrades and accessories. Like any good off-roader, the Taos Basecamp sports a fresh skid plate up front, extended fender flares, and upgraded side skirts. 

Other accessories for the outfitted VW Taos are a cool matte-black hood and roof, sporty orange accents, and a Thule roof rack and basket. Prominently featured on top of the roof basket is a row of off-road approved LED rally lights. It is a simple modification but extra lights always immediately signal off-roading. 

The accessories are cool and definitely give it some off-roading advantages, but for the most part, they serve to make sure it looks like an off-roading rig. Volkswagen gave the Taos Basecamp a new lifted suspension from H&R Special Springs to make it actually be able to conquer trails (if it ever saw one.) The Taos concept also rolls on custom fifteen52 wheels wrapped in beefy Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail tires.

Did Volkswagen do anything to the interior? 

mounted gear carrier in the Taos Basecamp Concept
VW Taos Basecamp Concept | VW

There isn’t much going on inside, but VW did add a cool custom cargo divider from the polytec group. It is essentially a cage wall that allows for vertical storage by clipping gear in like a Mole system. VW shows this piece of gear as an easy way of storing climbing gear specifically. 

Will we ever see any of this at VW dealers? 

Of course, the Volkswagen Taos Basecamp, as we see it here, is not going to go into production. However, VW has mentioned offering a Basecamp styling package. Volkswagen hasn’t offered up many specifics yet, but this will most likely mean some fender flares and the orange and black accents. It may also come with special wheels and maybe beefier tires. 

It is unlikely that we will see a Taos with custom suspension, wheels, roof rack, lights, skid plate, and so on from the factory – but we can dream. 

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