The Safety Features the 2021 Volvo XC90 Has That the 2021 Tesla Model X Doesn’t

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Volvo has been known for its commitment to safety for years, but Tesla has made news with its cutting-edge technology. The 2021 Volvo XC90 and 2021 Tesla Model X have lots of safety features, but the Volvo has more. Some of Tesla’s technology includes safety features that fall under the umbrella of its Autopilot feature, a semi-autonomous driving system. Still others come with Full Self-Driving, another, slightly more advanced semi-autonomous system. So which SUV has more safety features, and are they important?

2021 Volvo XC90 | Volvo

Consumer Reports recommends certain safety features in new cars

Consumer Reports recommends a slew of advanced safety features that car shoppers should consider. On their website they write, “Consumer Reports prioritizes a variety of safety features which have been proven to be effective at preventing collisions, injuries, and deaths.” These features include forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking at city and highway speeds, lane-keeping assistance, and lane departure warning. Consumer Reports also says that pedestrian detection, blind-spot warning, and rear cross-traffic warning are important to have. 

Rearview cameras are standard in all new cars. You should also look for anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control, and daytime running lights.

The 2021 Volvo XC90 and Tesla Model X both come with a lot of safety features

The 2021 Volvo XC90 comes standard with all of the features that Consumer Reports recommends.

On the other hand, The 2021 Tesla Model X comes standard with forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist and lane departure warning. It also has a rear camera, anti lock brakes, traction and stability control, and daytime running lights. There’s no option to get blind spot warning or rear cross traffic warning. 

Crash test ratings in both are also good 

Both the IIHS and NHTSA crash-tested the 2021 Volvo XC90. The IIHS gave the XC90 all good scores. In fact, the 2021 Volvo XC90 won an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award. To be awarded an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award, a vehicle must score at least a good or higher in all of the IIHS crashworthy ratings. These include the driver-side small overlap front, the passenger-side small overlap front, and the moderate overlap front. In addition to these front crash testings, the vehicle must get a good or higher in the side crash tests, roof strength, and head restraint tests. 

Additionally, the vehicle must have an advanced or superior in both the vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian tests. Headlights, often overlooked by car shoppers, must be good or acceptable on all trim levels. Oftentimes one trim level has good headlight ratings while another trim level does not. 

The NHTSA gave the XC90 five stars for everything except the rollover ratings. These are four stars. 

The IIHS hasn’t crash-tested the 2021 Tesla Model X, but the NHTSA has. It gives the 2021 Tesla Model X all good crash test-ratings.

If you’re looking for a luxury midsize SUV loaded with safety features (and you don’t have a traditional gas-powered versus electric preference), the 2021 Volvo XC90 is the way to go. With its abundance of safety features and excellent crash test ratings, the XC90 is definitely a top pick.

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