The Sarvo 37 Might be the Most Beautiful Boat Ever – and It’s Faster’n Hell

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The Sarvo 37 is the type of craft that we only get to see on rare occasions. This electric boat is the perfect example of form and function working together in a way that works to elevate the other instead of diminishing each other. The Sarvo is not only an undeniably beautiful boat; it is also said to be faster than greased lightning going downhill.

New Sarvo 37 | Sarvo

The Sarvo 37 electric boat has come to take your breath away 

As electric power continues to proliferate throughout the automotive world, don’t forget to keep an eye out for these silent beauties ripping across the drink.

The Danish company Sarvo Marine has recently released the prettiest thing ever to take to the high seas. The Sarvo 37 glides on a polished aluminum hull powered by an equally elegant all-electric power plant. 

the new Sarvo 37 electric boat might be the most beautiful boat ever made. It is made of polished aluminum, wood and leather.
New Sarvo 37 | Sarvo

According to New Atlas, this unique hull is made from 60 percent recycled aluminum and is specifically designed to require low maintenance due to its corrosion-free materials. The Sarvo 37 electric boat is even more durable than traditional fiberglass vessels due to its metallic hull. 

The Sarvo 37 stretches its 350 kWh battery pack with a cleverly designed three-stage hull designed to cut through the water with its razor-like bow. Although the bow looks like a katana blade to cut through rough water at slower speeds, the stern is flat to plane on top of the blue at higher speeds. 

How fast can the beautiful, all-electric boat go? 

Sarvo CTO Jonas Voss, former electric propulsion chief at Koenigsegg Automotive, designed the Sarvo 37 electric power plant, and it’s a doozy. According to New Atlas, Voss pairs the 350-kWh battery with a lightweight, compact electric drive powering a partially submerged propeller positioned to increase speed and acceleration.

Even more so with boats that with cars, weight placement and center of gravity really matter. By their nature, boats need to have a better weight distribution than most other crafts. Sarvo carefully spread weight throughout the electric boat for optimal stability and handling. 

polished aluminum hull floating amongst the rocks
New Sarvo 37 | Sarvo

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The Sarvo 37 is stunning. There is no further exposition needed. The “faster’n hell” part? Now, that might need some further explanation. 

The Sarvo 37 is packed with 1,280 all-electric seahorse power. All that power allows this beautiful electric boat to hit a max speed of 70 knots (or 80 mph). 

Obviously, at that speed, the Sarvo 37 will burn its juice up pretty quickly. However, if the captain holds the throttle to 10-20 knots, the 37 can travel up to 100 nautical miles. Unlike electric road vehicles, sea conditions can alter that distance. 

What lies below? 

Since the Sarvo 37 is just a day cruiser, there isn’t a massive cabin underneath, but it is luxurious still. The sleeping quarters are home to a custom twin bed with power outlets to charge your mobile device. Although it’s not big enough for a galley, there is a mini coffee station. 

the sarvo 37 sleeping cabin with a twin bed and a coffee station
New Sarvo 37 cabin | Sarvo

Pricing has yet to be released on this silver flash of excellence. As anyone who has laid eyes on it would expect, it will likely set any landlubber back a good portion of the king’s bounty. Start saving now, you sea dogs.

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