The Top U.S. Cities for Your Summer Road Trip According to Tripadvisor

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Summer is coming and traveling is on many people’s minds. There are a few factors that go into deciding where you’ll go, like fuel costs or plane ticket prices. But, some vacationers plan their road trips based on what’s popular with other people, so they’ll almost guarantee a good time for their trip. 

Tripadvisor has figured out, based on a survey of its members, which attractions people are booking the most this year. The data comes from its 2,500 consumers, in partnership with Qualtrics, from an online survey conducted in early April of this year. Which cities are considered to be the top five?

With 67 percent of people planning to travel this year, it seems that almost everyone is ready to get out and about and get back to their normal lives after the pandemic hit last year. Tripadvisor conducted a survey among its members and determined, based on those results, which places are the top five most popular cities people plan to travel to this year. 

The top location for 2021 is Cancún, Mexico. According to Tripadvisor, the best activity to book there is the ATV tour, which includes ziplining, swimming in Cenote park, with lunch included in the deal. The tour company also offers to transport you and your friends to the area and back to your hotel. 

Another popular destination is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where many plan to go to the Polynesian Fire Luau. The remaining three cities on the list of the most sought-after locations in the U.S. are all in Florida. 

Where are people expected to road trip to in Florida?

Florida is a pretty scenic state all year long, but summertime offers the most for your vacation. The first Florida city that many people want to visit this summer is Miami Beach, FL. While spending the day at the beach seems like the most logical activity to do there, it isn’t what people want to book in this city. The most popular experience is actually a half-day tour of Miami, which includes a sightseeing cruise. 

Another Florida hotspot appears to be Key West. There, it seems, vacationers want to book a sunset sail that includes a full bar and live music as well as some snacks to munch on. The highest-rated hotel there is the Havana Cabana and the best restaurant to eat at is the Seaside Cafe at the Mansion in Key West. If you want an extra special attraction to look at, a road trip to the Florida Keys and the Seven-Mile bridge could be right up your alley. 

The most popular city, however, is Orlando. While you would think that everyone books a vacation at Disney World, it isn’t even mentioned on Tripadvisor’s list. Instead, it appears that the Sea Life Aquarium is the most sought-after activity for those visiting Orlando. Also, it’s interesting to note that the most popular restaurant is La Luce, instead of one of Disney’s famed eateries, although it’s not far from the Disney resort. 

There could be a few different reasons for this. The most obvious would be that not everyone books their Disney World vacations through Tripadvisor. Another reason might be because the park of children’s fantasies isn’t actually located in Orlando’s city limits.

Other possible explanations would include the rise in ticket prices. According to, it now costs over $100 for both adults and children to get inside. The price is even higher if you choose to travel there during a peak season. 

Also, due to COVID-19, not many people are excited about enjoying the park while dealing with masks and other rules to ensure your safety during these trying times. So, it’s likely a combination of all these reasons why people are turning to other attractions instead of Disney when traveling to Orlando. 

Florida appears to be one of the best places to go since three of its cities are in the top five destinations to take a road trip to. If you plan on traveling by vehicle to get there, be sure to use your car’s GPS device or consider getting one to help make the road trip easier.

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