The Volkswagen ID.5 Is Just an ID.4 With a Slightly Smaller Cargo Space

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Like many other automakers, Volkswagen is steadily driving toward the future as it expands its lineup of electric cars. One of the latest EVs in VW’s lineup is the ID.5, but unfortunately, it has far too much in common with the ID.4. Here’s a look at the upcoming Volkswagen ID.5 and all of its similarities to the ID.4.

A recap of Volkswagen’s ID. series

The front end of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 EV SUV | Volkswagen of America, Inc. Newspress Limited

Currently, Volkswagen’s goal is to have 70% of its production cars be EVs by 2030. As such, VW is starting to design and sell a long list of electric vehicles. All of these EVs will be part of the ID. series, but unfortunately, they don’t have great names. Meanwhile, the concept versions of Volkswagen’s EVs have more traditional names, such as the ID. Buzz and the ID. Crozz. 

However, if and when those concept cars become production models, Volkswagen will give them their official name. Right now, the official name for production ID. series cars are just numbers. More confusingly, for some reason, the first production EV from the ID. series isn’t called the ID.1. Instead, the ID.3 was the first car in the series to be sold to the public. 

The ID.3 isn’t available in the U.S., but the second car in the series, the ID.4, is. Lastly, the most recent car in the series is the ID.6. However, like the ID.3, the ID.6 also isn’t available in America. The ID.5 will be the next car in the series, but, as Jalopnik reports, it’s pretty much just the ID.4.

The Volkswagen ID.5 is very similar to the ID.4

To be fair to Volkswagen, the similarities between the two cars are somewhat intentional. Like Jalopnik said, the ID.5 was built using VW’s MEB platform, the same platform used for the other cars in the series. That said, Jalopnik wrote that Volkswagen uses “a similar design aesthetic” for all of its EVs. Therefore, it may be tough for a regular person to tell the ID.4 and the ID.5 apart.

However, there is a small difference between the two cars. According to Jalopnik, the ID.5 has a different rear-window angle than the ID.4. This may end up giving the ID.5 less cargo space than the ID.4, but it’s not confirmed yet by any hard numbers. Regardless, other than this small difference, the two cars are practically identical.

Jalopnik said they both probably have the same battery, the same dual-motor design, and the same 300-mile range. However, since Volkswagen hasn’t released many details about the ID.5, that’s all speculation for now. The ID.5 may be more unique, especially on the inside, than the ID.4. Yet, from the outside, it doesn’t look that way.

Upcoming Volkswagen ID. series cars

While the ID.5 is the closest to hitting dealerships, VW has quite a few more cars in the ID. series coming up. One of the bigger ones is the VW ID.8, and it’s supposed to be a midsize crossover similar to the Atlas. That said, once again, not many details are known about the ID.8 so far, but it should at least be noticeably bigger than the ID.4 and ID.5. 

Additionally, when it comes to concept cars in the ID. series, Volkswagen has quite a few, too. While some of these concept cars never see the light of day, it’s also very possible that VW makes a production version of a few of them. For example, the ID. Space Vizzion wagon and the ID. Buzz bus may get production models soon.

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