This 1987 Camaro Just Sold For More Than a Loaded 2021 Camaro

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Could the sale of this 1987 Camaro for $56,000 have anything to do with the current state of used cars? Or is it because these IROCs are becoming highly collectible? Is a 1987 IROC a used car or a classic? Let’s smoke this Camaro over and see why it sold for more than a new 2021 Camaro.

1987 Chevy Camaro IROC | BaT

These old IROCs were limited edition models to celebrate the International Race of Champions series that was popular in the 1980s. They packed a lot of desirable features, some of which you can no longer find on new cars. Like glass T-Tops, for instance.

Plus, features we expect in our 2021 cars. This comes with power windows and locks, bucket seats, a four-speed automatic transmission, air conditioning, limited-slip diff, sport suspension, Goodyear Eagle VR50 tires, and a Delco AM/FM cassette deck with a graphic equalizer. And that punchy 5.7-liter L98 V8. 

Yes, this is a typically detuned Camaro of the 1980s

1987 Chevy Camaro IROC
1987 Chevy Camaro IROC | BaT

In its factory detuned form, it is only able to crank out 225 hp. But it is the ubiquitous small block. It feels so much better than a four-banger busting its guts for the same ponies.

Still, this is really just a gussied-up from the factory 1987 Camaro that sold on Bring a Trailer. It seems like its appeal is from those who lusted for one when they were new. After all, nobody in the 1950s started restoring  Model Ts because they were particularly great cars. Intrinsic value plays a big role in what becomes collectible

Could this be the cleanest 1978 Camaro in the world?

1987 Chevy Camaro IROC
1987 Chevy Camaro IROC | BaT

This is an exceptionally clean, 2,000-mile 34-year-old Camaro. Well, we think 2,000 miles. The CarFax is noted as finding it was involved in some speedometer rollback shenanigans in 2003. But while the mileage may be of some question, there is nothing questionable about its condition.

So we have the top-of-the-line 34-year-old IROC Camaro with some great options we now take for granted, V8 muscle (sort of), and as clean as they come. If a first-gen or second-gen Camaro popped up with those attributes, how much would the buyer be asking? But this is a third-gen.

When these debuted in 1982 they were a styling knockout

1987 Chevy Camaro IROC
1987 Chevy Camaro IROC | BaT

When introduced in 1982, they were the best-looking thing that Chevy sold. By then the Corvette was old and slow. That had to have stuck with younger car enthusiasts wanting to revive that time and feeling. Those growing up to hold prominent careers can throw $56,000 around all day. 

The new owner can drive or show a car that has no excuses. It could be the most perfect 1987 Camaro in the world. If used as a daily driver, would you rather have it or a 2021 2SS instead? Or for just a few grand more a ZL1? Let us know what you would prefer.

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