Truck Toolboxes: Everything You Need to Know About this Essential Pickup Accessory

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Pickup owners know that both securing and organizing items in a truck’s bed is no easy task. In fact, for some, it’s pretty challenging. That’s why, when it comes to shopping for pickup accessories, truck toolboxes are among the most highly recommended.

Why you need to buy a truck toolbox

F-150 pickup bed. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

There are several reasons why buying a truck toolbox is a good idea. Most of them, however, come down to security. In fact, according to LA Times, pickup toolboxes are known for providing building contractors and tradespeople of all types with a secure spot for carrying valuable items like handheld power tools, tool belts, and other things.  

Security isn’t the only reason why buying a truck toolbox is a good idea. According to The Drive, storing small items in an oversized truck bed can prove challenging if you don’t want to lose items in the truck’s bed as you drive. Instead, having a toolbox provides convenient storage space to keep small items contained in a pickup.

The different types of truck toolboxes

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There are many different types of truck toolboxes. The Drive reports that the most common types include saddle boxes, chest boxes, and side mount boxes. The saddle box is among the most common of the three and reaches from one side of the truck bed to the other.

Chest box toolboxes, on the other hand, sit on the floor of the bed. These truck toolboxes often offer more space for tools but can take up a good amount of space in the truck bed. The good news is that, according to The Drive, installing this type of toolbox isn’t all that complicated.

Last but certainly not least are side-mounted toolboxes. These are one of the most common types of pickup toolboxes and typically run the length of the truck’s bed. The Drive reports that they often work well with camper shells and tonneau covers too.

Key features you should look for in a pickup toolbox

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Understanding what the most common types of truck toolboxes are is important. What’s equally important is what features you should look for. While theft protection is critical, so is weather protection. “Look at stainless steel boxes and heavy-duty aluminum toolboxes with a good powder coat for the best corrosion-resistant protection,” The Drive suggests.

According to Family Handman, another key feature to look for is convenience, especially when it comes to opening and closing the toolbox. Shoppers shouldn’t just test opening and closing the box, they should also test things like lock and latch performance, Family Handyman reports. How much force it takes to close the toolbox is important too.

The best truck toolbox brands you should be considering

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As it turns out, several companies manufacture pickup toolboxes. The Drive reports that Weather Guard, Truxedo, Husky, and Undercover are among the best brands to choose from. Family Handyman also recognized Kobalt and Delta for manufacturing some of the best truck toolboxes on the market today.

Beyond the best truck toolbox brands, it’s important to note that boxes do vary in price. While a basic truck toolbox can cost under $150, several truck toolboxes will have you spending over $150. According to The Drive, there are even some toolboxes that cost more than $500.

Other pickup accessories to check out 

A truck toolbox isn’t the only pickup accessory worth considering. In fact, according to Backrack, some of the best pickup truck accessories include truck bed extenders, camper shells, safety lights, and hooks and tie-down bars.

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