Volkswagen ID. LIFE Electric Crossover SUV: Release Date and Pricing

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Volkswagen continues to make a push for an all-electric future. With the ID. LIFE, the German automaker unveiled another concept model for its ever-expanding lineup of ID electric vehicles. The ID. LIFE is a compact crossover SUV that’s geared toward environmental sustainability and urban mobility. To find out the release date and pricing information of the Volkswagen ID. LIFE, read more. 

Is a production version of the ID. LIFE coming soon?

Volkswagen ID. LIFE Concept | Volkswagen

If you caught a glimpse of the Volkswagen ID. LIFE and are wondering if a production version of the electric concept will be available in the U.S., you have reason to have hope. Volkswagen already announced that it will release a production version of the ID. Life in Europe in 2025. While Volkswagen didn’t definitively state that the ID. LIFE will be released in the U.S., it didn’t rule it out either:

“I think a car like that, strategically, it’s got some SUV-esque proportions and the packaging, (it) is something certainly we want to do. You can’t get to all these dreams of (up to) 70 percent (of new cars being EVs) . . . if you can’t hit a price point that’s lower. So I wouldn’t say no. I would say take a look at it.”

– Scott Keogh, President of Volkswagen of America

The expected starting price of the ID. LIFE is around $24,000. For eco-minded crossover shoppers in America, here’s hoping that the ID. LIFE will arrive stateside after it becomes available in Europe.

Electric range and performance specs of the ID. LIFE

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For the ID. LIFE, Volkswagen created a smaller version of its modular electric drive kit. Also, it is the first time that Volkswagen utilized the modular electric drive on a front-wheel drive model. The modular electric drive in the ID. LIFE features a 234-hp electric motor, which enables the crossover to go from 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds. The estimated electric range of the ID. LIFE is 249 miles.

The ID. LIFE uses recycled and natural materials for greater sustainability

Steering wheel and touchscreen in Volkswagen ID. LIFE
Volkswagen ID. LIFE Concept | Volkswagen

In addition to its emissions-free electric powertrain, the Volkswagen ID. LIFE also has eco-friendly credentials courtesy of its recycled and natural materials. The benefit of using recycled and sustainable materials is it improves environmental sustainability, and there’s less waste. 

The paint of the ID. LIFE uses bio-based hardeners and wood chips as a natural coloring agent. The front cover and roof have air chamber textiles that are made of recycled PET bottles. Also, the tires of the ID. LIFE are made from rice husks, natural rubber, and bio-oil. Additionally, the cabin of the ID. LIFE has Artvelours Eco for the door panels and seat surfaces, as well as wood on the dashboard. 

ID. LIFE and Volkswagen ACCELERATE strategy

The ID. LIFE, as well as the proliferation of other ID concept vehicles, are part of Volkswagen’s ACCELERATE strategy. For the ACCELERATE strategy, Volkswagen aims to greatly expand its EV lineup. This includes expanding its offerings of electric compact vehicles. By 2030, the German automaker expects that 50% of its models sold in North America and China will be EVs. For Europe, it anticipates it to be even higher, with an eclectic vehicle share of 70%. 

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