What is a Ferrari SP48 Unica?

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Some wild one-off Ferrari creations have come out of its Special Projects division. These are commissions taking an extreme amount of money and connections. For instance, guitarist Eric Clapton is the recipient of one. It is that kind of Ferrari clientele that orders a one-off by Ferrari Special Projects like the coming SP48 Unica.

Is the SP48 Unica based on an existing Ferrari?

Ferrari F8 Tributo | Ferrari

What is an SP48 Unica? Ferrari is starting off with the new F8 Tributo. With over 700 hp and exquisite looks, it’s one of the most potent and beautiful Ferraris today. But a Ferrari enthusiast somewhere is not happy owning just another Tributo. Whoever this is, he or she has commissioned the Unica. 

Someone on a Ferrari chat forum posted a badge found on the internet revealing an “SP48 Unica.” Little is known about this one-off Tributo. But here is some info floating around that gives us some clues. First, it is a given that this modified Tributo will take certain styling cues from a classic Ferrari from the past.

Most Ferrari Special Projects cars share design cues from past famous Ferraris

Ferrari F8 Tributo rear shot
Ferrari F8 Tributo | Ferrari

As you may recall, the SP38 was a 488 GTB with cues from an F40. This is one way that Special Projects creates these unique Ferraris. Right now we don’t know which classic model will be chosen to share some of its features. 

Most likely SP48 will also see some engine tweaks. A stock F8 Tributo comes with a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8. It puts out 710 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque. Could SP48 see close to 800 hp?

Another Special Projects Ferrari was revealed; F125 TDE

Ferrari SP48 Unica badge
Ferrari SP48 Unica badge | Ferrari

And while on the subject of Ferrari Special Projects cars in development, an image of another one-off showed up a couple of months ago. Called F125 TDE, it is based on an F12 TDF. Design-wise, it is like nothing Ferrari currently makes. 

While the F125 TDE is surely finished by now, we won’t be seeing SP48 until sometime in 2022. Unless, of course, someone leaks images, as they should. 

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