What is the First thing I do as a Manager

As a new service manager, I struggled to navigate the transition from technician to manager. The store I was assigned to was in disarray, and I felt lost and unsure of where to begin. Then I came across a book that advised setting big goals, and it changed everything. 

Maybe you struggle with setting goals and don’t know where to begin. Let me share what worked for me.

Imagine your life three years from now, just like when you made a wish list as a child. Envision your family, home, income, and other details. Then, visualize your department or business. How do the employees interact with customers? What does the building look like? How much income does it generate? How many employees work there? 

Write down all of these details, and use them to create a one-year plan. What steps do you need to take to achieve your three-year goals? How much revenue do you need to generate? How many employees do you need to hire? Do you need to consider a new location or renovate your existing one? What training do you need to offer to attract and retain the best employees?

Break down your one-year plan into quarters and create specific action items for each one. Then, break each quarter into months, weeks, and days, with specific targets to hit for each. By breaking your goals into manageable pieces, you can work towards the direction you want to go. Remember the wise words of Zig Ziglar: "If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time."

About the author

  • Jeremy Stephens

    30 years ago, I started my career in the Automotive business, working at a local service station. Later, I landed a technician role at a Chevrolet Dealership and was eventually promoted to become Service Manager in 2008. During this period, I developed a keen understanding of the importance of leadership. In 2018, I took on the role of Fixed Operations Director responsible for four dealerships, a wholesale parts distribution center, and a reconditioning center. In 2021, I obtained my certification as a John Maxwell Leadership Coach and started Elevate Business & Leadership Coaching. I currently assist other managers in developing their leadership skills through coaching and training.


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