What’s New With the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The newest supercar in the lineup is the 2022 Lamborghini Huracán EVO2. Known as the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2, this new car will be racing in the Lamborghini championship series, the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Race.

The Lamborghini Super Trofeo Race and the Lamborghini Huracán EVO2

The Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO during the Lamborghini Trofeo Series | David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Lamborghini Centro Stile was created in 2004 to design innovative and new ideas for the brand. Centro Stile worked with the Technical Office to “create the perfect balance between form and function.” Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at the Lamborghini Centro Stile, says, “With just a few elegant and accurate lines, it is possible to create a new Lamborghini.”

Lamborghini says the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 is the most high-performance car to be designed for the series. According to Wikipedia, the Lamborghini Super Trofeo is a motor racing series in Europe, Asia, and North America. The Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 is the only car to race in the series.

The Huracán EVO2 has 612 hp from the 5.2L V10 engine is combined with an X-Trac six-speed sequential gearbox. Not bad for a track car.

What’s new with the Lamborghini Huracán EVO2?

Lamborghini upgraded the Huracán EVO2 in a few areas. The design, aero, and brakes. Leonardo Galante, Motorsport Chief Engineer, spoke to Autoblog about these new features. The new EVO2 design will pave the way for production cars shortly. Centro Stile worked alongside Squadra Corse, Lamborghini’s motorsport department, to update the design.

The lights are thinner on both ends of the car, and the rear units echo the design of the Lamborghini Countach. There are air curtains on both sides of the front fascia and a large diffuser on the back end. The front end has carbon fiber fins, and an aggressive new lip called the “omega” lip.

“We worked together to define the best shapes to generate an efficient aerodynamic profile. We want to generate as much downforce as possible while creating as little drag as possible.”

Leonardo Galante | Lamborghini

Galante went on to say that the goal was to keep the car as stable, and predictable, as possible. This is not an easy feat when the Huracán EVO2 has to brake from triple digits. Feedback from other Super Trofeo competitors helped the team find the right amount of downforce.

Squadra Corse developed a full brake system in-house to ensure it could stand a whole weekend of racing. This included the calipers, rotors, and pads. The Lamborghini press release also discussed the new steel-front disc brakes. To optimize performance, these discs increased in size from 380 to 390 mm. This allows the driver to brake from high speeds without issue.

Will this trickle down to the streets?

The Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 is an upgraded, track-ready version of the Huracán EVO. The Huracán EVO is available for those who want to ride on the streets in a ridiculous V10 car. It has hood lines inspired by the Countach and similarities in the air intakes from the Murciélago. Of course, this version has a 0-60 mph time of 2.9 seconds.

Lamborghini’s Head of Motorsport Giorgio Sanna noted that the brand was excited to produce a car that everyone will enjoy driving.

“The Super Trofeo is the basis of our concept of customer racing, capable of involving and exciting both young talents and gentlemen drivers. The Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 is dedicated to both categories of drivers, and we have designed it with the precise aim of offering an even more engaging driving experience while paying the utmost attention to running costs.”

Giorgio Sanna | Lamborghini’s Head of Motorsport

The EVO2 was officially released this weekend and is priced at just over $300,000 (€250,000). In conclusion, you won’t see this one on the streets yet, but perhaps down the line, we will see some different versions available.

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