Why the Buffalo Blizzard Moves NFL Football Playoff Game

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Another Buffalo New York #blizzard and this once moves the #NFL playoff game to Monday. Whats it like in Buffalo? There is a driving ban, but the #Bills Mafia will be at the game on Monday and ready to play against the #pittsburgh #steelers at the stadium for the #superbowl game. How will they clear the stadium in time? We explain with Lauren Fix on the Weather Channel.

Get ready for the Buffalo Bills playoff game as car coach Lauren Fix shares some essential tips for winter driving. From clearing the snow off your car to warming it up, she reminds us of the importance of seeing and being seen on the roads. Don't forget to bring extra clothes, hand warmers, and foot warmers for added comfort. And if you're experiencing any car issues, find a certified technician to help you out. Go Bills!

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