YouTuber Drives Street-Legal Batmobile Tumbler From The Dark Knight

by Gabrielle DeSantis

One of the most iconic vehicles in media history, the Batmobile has had countless iterations over the years. Possibly now the most well-known, the Dark Knight movie trilogy featured the tumbler version. This one allowed the caped-crusader to escape on a motorcycle, roll down the road, and do plenty more combat-oriented things. What if you had the chance to drive a street-legal Batmobile tumbler?

Custom Batmobile Tumbler | TheStradman via YouTube

Recently, popular YouTuber TheStradman had the chance to take the street-legal replica for a spin on the roads of California. That’s not something you see every day. Californians might be more used to seeing expensive cars on the road than other areas, but we doubt most people have seen something like this roll up next to them at a red light.

A company that specializes in making vehicles, props, and other items for movies, tv shows, and other media called RPM Productions created this Batmobile. RPM used Hummer H1 taillights and was able to fully customize it street legal so it can be driven anywhere. The vehicle contains no fiberglass but is instead made entirely of metal and steel. Marc Irvin of RPM Productions along with YouTuber “LamboJesus” continue modifying and improving the tumbler to this day. The pair visit a professional metalworking and bending factory regularly since every piece of the tumbler is completely custom-made.

The tank of a vehicle looks exactly like the one from the movies. You can’t miss the 42-inch tractor tires coming down the road. If you don’t hear the roaring engine coming, you’ll certainly see the massive tumbler. Almost the entire vehicle from top-to-bottom is custom-made. Not that anyone would expect Batmobile parts to be available at AutoZone. TheStradman said it was surprisingly easy to drive despite low visibility. The compact windows and tinted windshield are better suited for Batman than civilians.

The Batmobile has hydraulic steering and fully automatic transmission, it’s also equipped with air conditioning and other quality-of-life features. The startup seems a bit complicated from the video, with combinations of buttons and switches being pressed strategically. It has levers for drifting the vehicle, but with the massive size of the Batmobile, that seems like it wouldn’t end very well.

Are more updates being made?

We’re not sure if the creator of the vehicle was joking or not, but they claimed an actual flamethrower will come from the rear soon. With all the other small details and movie-quality features already in the tumbler, it doesn’t seem too farfetched. The creator also claimed that they would be adding side and rear cameras for easier navigation. If they still plan on driving it around on the road and through parking lots, that’s probably a good idea. TheStradman almost hit a car driving through the parking lot. They also couldn’t hear a word the driver said because of how loud the Batmobile engine is.

The team behind this street-legal Batmobile tumbler seems hellbent on making it even better than the Dark Knight film version. On top of meeting street-legal requirements, they’ve added amenities like cupholders, air conditioning, and other luxuries Bruce Wayne must’ve neglected when designing his superhero tank.

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