2025 Lucid Gravity walk around at the Meatpacking District in NY

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Lucid Group, Inc., widely acclaimed for raising the bar in luxury electric vehicles with the award-winning Lucid Air, the recipient of the 2023 World Luxury Car Award, is redefining excellence once again with the reveal of the groundbreaking new Lucid Gravity luxury electric SUV.

Lucid’s highly anticipated Gravity SUV builds upon the innovations first seen in the Lucid Air sedan to create a luxury electric SUV without compromise: a high-performance vehicle with space for up to seven adults and their gear and a projected driving range in excess of 440 miles.¹ The Lucid Gravity SUV will make its public debut today during the Los Angeles Auto Show, with production starting in late 2024.

“The Gravity SUV represents a significant leap forward for Lucid’s world-leading technology and design. Customers will find an unprecedented combination of space and maneuverability, luxury, and versatility, all seamlessly integrated into one remarkable vehicle with the driving experience and range of a true Lucid,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO at Lucid. “Lucid’s innovative proprietary EV powertrain technology and our holistic approach to vehicle engineering already enabled the Air sedan to redefine what was thought possible from a luxury sports sedan. With Gravity, these innovations evolved and our next generation technology is applied with even greater effect, resulting in an electric SUV that can achieve over 440 miles¹ of range with a battery pack a little more than half the size of some of our battery-hungry competitors.”

The new Lucid Gravity heralds the dawn of a new era for electric Sport Utility
Vehicles: an unprecedented combination of attributes previously unseen in a single vehicle and a projected range in excess of 440 miles.

Lucid innovations in EV technology and packaging deliver an expansive, luxurious interior for up to seven adults and their belongings, without the huge exterior and poor maneuverability often associated with traditional full-size, three-row SUVs.

Featuring a brand-new SUV platform and next generation of Lucid’s award-winning, proprietary electric powertrain, Gravity will deliver an exhilarating driving experience.

Lucid proved its capability in producing an extraordinary, acclaimed luxury EV sedan; now Gravity opens Lucid to the far larger SUV market.

Lucid Gravity lands in late 2024. As with Lucid Air, pricing for Gravity will start under $80,000.