Austin Conroy: Enhancing Parts and Service Collaboration

Austin Conroy is the Regional Fixed Operations Director for Rohrman Automotive Group, overseeing a wide network of dealerships across multiple states. With over seven years at the company, starting from the sales floor and escalating to his current leadership role, Austin Conroy has demonstrated exceptional adaptability and understanding of various facets of the automotive industry.

In the fast-paced automotive industry, integrating service and parts departments is critical for success. Austin Conroy, Regional Fixed Operations Director, Rohrman Automotive Group, shares his expertise on achieving operational synergy.

Integrating Metrics: Building a Cooperative Framework

Austin Conroy emphasizes the importance of motivating the parts department. He highlights the Infinite Pursuit program, which aligns service and parts metrics. This integration encourages departments to work closely, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Focusing on Financial Health: Strategic Non-Payment and Accountability

The decision not to pay service on parts might seem unconventional, yet it serves Rohrman Automotive Group well, Austin reveals. Instead, the focus is on integrating parts into service metrics. This controls policy and boosts gross profit. Parts departments are held accountable for inventory valuation, turn rates, and managing obsolescence effectively.

Detail-Oriented Management: The Roles of Parts Managers

Discussing the intricacies of the parts role, Austin delves into administrative responsibilities. These include proactive customer outreach and scheduling appointments for special order parts. Such granular attention ensures that parts departments remain central to dealership operations.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Enhancing Customer Experience

Through collaboration, the parts and service departments have embraced greater responsibility. By scheduling and managing appointments proactively, they enhance the overall customer experience. Furthermore, management strategies like celebrating national days foster a fun, engaging work environment.

Cultural Shifts and Technological Integration

The shift towards digital tools has been significant, with Sunbit and Techion streamlining operations. Austin discusses marketing shifts, focusing on the role of connected TV and social media advertising. These platforms help target specific demographics effectively, enhancing advertising strategies.

Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World

COVID-19 pushed the Rohrman Group to retool processes and embrace rapid technological advancements. Austin and Kaylee discuss mobile services, highlighting startup capital needs and operational considerations. Adapting strategies to include memberships could navigate changing landscapes, ensuring business continuity.

Conclusion: Strategic Adaptability Ensures Success

Austin Conroy’s insights underscore the importance of adaptability and strategic integration across departments. Celebrating the human element, such as engaging in national day celebrations, enriches workplace culture. These strategies not only boost morale but also align with broader business goals, paving the way for sustained success in the competitive automotive industry.



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  1. Integrate service and parts metrics.
  2. Leverage technology.
  3. Build a fun workplace culture.


“We hire great people and then we find the best seat on the bus for them.” –Austin Conroy


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