Peter Smith: Pioneering Positive Change in Car Dealerships

Peter Smith is the Founder and Managing Partner of The Lion Partnership, a firm specializing in automotive dealership consultancy. With over forty years of experience in the automotive industry, he focuses on strategies to improve dealership operations and customer and employee engagement.

Peter shares his career highlights, innovative approaches, challenges, and emphasized the importance of a positive mindset and long-term customer relationships in the car dealership business. Peter Smith’s career spans decades, during which he founded the Lion Partnership to mentor and develop a collective of vetted vendors–aiming to enhance customer and dealership experiences. 

This initiative reflects his commitment to innovation in the automotive industry, as he actively tests and implements cutting-edge technologies–including a telephone AI system that revolutionizes call handling and response mechanisms.

Moreover, Peter also shed light on the challenges and strategies involved in starting new ventures, the significance of networking through platforms like LinkedIn and Clubhouse, and the need to prioritize long-term customer relationships over short-term sales pressures.

This underscores the importance of embracing innovation, leveraging networking tools, and prioritizing long-term customer relationships to succeed and thrive in this dynamic sector.



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  1. Use new technologies to improve customer and dealership experience.
  2. Engage in social media for industry connections.
  3. Prioritize lasting customer relationships in the automotive sector.


“It’s about learning that one extra thing every single day.” –Peter Smith


Peter Smith



Kaylee Felio