The Electric Chevy Silverado Will Reportedly Have Optional Four-Wheel Steering

by Gabrielle DeSantis

It’s game on in the race to release EVs. For that reason, every automaker is putting its best foot forward to ensure the electric vehicles they produce are appealing and offer value for money too. That is the case with the electric Chevy Silverado that is expected to have some fantastic features that customers will likely appreciate, such as the new four-wheel steering.

Of course, at the moment, the pressure is to get it right when it comes to the technology that this vehicle will incorporate. So, if you think you have already seen the best of EVs, you need to wait until you discover what the electric Chevy Silverado has to offer. Most probably, the vehicle will distinguish itself from other electric trucks out there.

Insight into the new electric Chevy Silverado

The electric Chevy Silverado front tire | Chevrolet Pressroom

The gasoline-powered Silverado has been around for a while, but now Chevrolet will soon release an electric version of this pickup truck. The Chevy EV will be built in the same factory as the GMC SUV and Hummer EV truck models. Additionally, the vehicle will seek to establish itself against the upcoming electric Ford F-150 and other electric trucks hitting the market soon, such as the Tesla Cybertruck.

The electric truck will reportedly feature the brand’s Ultium battery packs and will offer a range of up to 400 miles on a single charge. Additionally, Chevy plans to present the electric Silverado in both snazzier retail and work-oriented fleet versions, and its arrival will not affect the gasoline-powered option. The reason is that Chevy intends to update the current internal-combustion Silverado lineup, which will probably be for the 2022 model year.

The four-wheel steering feature

Much like the “crab walk” feature on the new Hummer EV, it seems that GM is giving the upcoming electric Silverado a similar feature. Adding four-wheel-steering capability on GM trucks is not the company’s first attempt. Although it does not appear like the Hummer “crab walk” in a video that Chevy posted recently, close observation reveals that the rear wheels are steering. 

Undoubtedly, the four-wheel steering feature will be useful not only in urban contexts but off-road as well. According to Jalopnik, the electric Chevy Silverado will reportedly come with optional and massive 24-inch wheels in addition to four-wheel steering. Keeping maneuverability at acceptable levels even as trucks grow ever larger is critical, The Drive reported. That explains why four-wheel steering will come in handy.

As of now, there is no timeline for the commencement and production of the electric Chevy truck. It’s most likely that it will be released in 2023 or 2024 due to GM’s focus on the planned rollout of the Hummer SUV and truck models. Until then, Chevy will probably share teasers on all the cool new features you will find in the upcoming electric truck. 

The Chevy Silverado EV’s four-wheel steering will up the competition

The unveiling of Ford’s F-150 Lightning was during a visit from President Joe Biden, and to say the least, he was impressed. However, the electric Chevy Silverado promises some mighty specs to counter the F-150 Lightning, according to NewsBreak. The game-changer here will, of course, be the truck’s four-wheel steering system that allows tighter turns.

Of course, a tighter turning circle will prove a useful feature, especially when parking the electric pickup truck. Furthermore, the recently-delayed Tesla Cybertruck is a fairly radical departure in terms of design, which is not the case with other trucks in the market. Probably, that is why it holds the most intrigue. You may think that the Cybertruck targets wealthy Californians, but it may not be the case, which will even be a bigger surprise. 

Chevy Silverado’s powerful specs and its four-wheel steering option are indeed pushing the competition higher in the EVs arena, MotorTrend reports. For now, we can only wait to see whether other automakers will match the electric Chevy Silverado or if a truck that proves a better option will be available in the future.

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