Erick Jauregui: Training With The End in Mind

Erick Jauregui is the National Training Director of National Auto Care (an APCO Holdings Brand).

In this Summer Camp Series episode of the Parts Girl Podcast, we have training expert Erick Jauregui shedding light on his valuable insights and providing actionable tips. His advice aims to assist listeners in achieving excellence in their respective roles within the automotive industry.

Consistency: The Cornerstone of Training

Key to Erick’s philosophy is the consistency in training. He strongly underlines that training shouldn’t be considered a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process. According to Erick, it’s not just the specific information imparted during training sessions that matters, but the commitment to regularly showing up and consistently pushing for improvement.

Customer Experience: The Success Driver

Beyond training, Erick Jauregui stresses the core aspect of success in the automotive industry: customer experience. From delivering vehicles with a positive attitude to meticulously attending to detail, every action contributes to the customer’s experience. He promotes the idea of envisioning customer happiness before interactions and emphasizes the importance of focusing on customer retention.

Continual Learning: A Pathway to Development

Erick Jauregui maintains that training and skill development are ongoing efforts. To him, staying trainable and seeking constant improvement are essential attributes. He reflects on the significance of being open-minded, seeking key points when serving clients, and shifting the focus towards providing solutions rather than getting entangled in emotional responses.

Effective Management Through Metrics and Reports

For successful managers in the automotive industry, Erick underscores the importance of metrics and reports. They serve as instrumental tools to assess advisors’ effectiveness, maintain consistency in performance numbers, and pinpoint areas that require improvement.

In Conclusion: Embrace Consistency, Prioritize Customers, Strive for Improvement

For all the parts professionals, service advisors, or managers in the automotive industry, Erick Jauregui’s playbook provides a guiding light. Embrace consistency in training, prioritize delivering exceptional customer experiences, and continually strive for self-improvement. By training with the end goal in mind, it is possible to unlock success in fixed operations and pave your way towards becoming a top performer in the field.


  1. Consistency in training ensures effective knowledge transfer.
  2. Visualizing success fosters exceptional customer interactions.
  3. Continuous skill development enhances fixed operations proficiency.


“Being able to complete the experience with a positive outcome is very important.” –Erick Jauregui


Erick Jauregui



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